Installing framework 11x from tarballs

These instructions are strictly archival.

We make binary distributions available for select operating systems.

In particular, framework requires both fw_externals and rlu-externals:

Binary distributions are available for both 32bit and 64bit Scientific Linux Fermi 4 and Scientific Linux Fermi 5.
If you have a different operating system, you will need to build from source:
Building and distributing framework 1.1.x

Installing from the distribution

These tarballs are designed to be unwound in a product directory, <product-dir>.

mkdir <product-dir>
cd <product-dir>
tar xzf fw_externals-0.5.0-<os>-<architecture>-<compiler>.tar.gz
tar xzf rlu-externals-1.1.4-<os>-<architecture>-<compiler>.tar.gz
tar xzf rlu-externals-1.1.4-noarch.tar.gz

Package naming

Binary tarballs will be named as follows:

Some definitions used to name the tarball:

  • package: fw_externals, rlu-externals, etc.
  • version: usually written as, for instance, 1.1.0
  • os: slf4, slf5, etc.
  • architecture: noarch, i686, or x86_64
  • compiler: gcc34, gcc41, gcc45, etc.
  • qualifier: this field is optional

For general distribution, we expect people to define their own <product-dir>, so we build the tarball from inside <product-dir>

Packages named <package>-<version>-source.tar.gz are for building from scratch.
See Building and distributing framework 1.1.x