Obtaining and installing a new license for ARM Forge Tools

Every year it is necessary to complete a PO to renew the license for ARM Forge Tools. Occasionally it may be necessary to obtain a new license out-of-band (perhaps due to requirements of a new version of Forge Tools) via . The current person responsible for the PO is Marc Paterno.

Installing a new license on the license server

Once a license has been obtained, it will be received as a tar file containing two files, Licence and Licence.<#> (note the British spelling). If you do not already have .k5login and sudo access to, you should request it via ServiceDesk. Then:

  1. Copy the old license to preserve it in case of problems:
    cp -i /opt/FLEXlm/Allinea/v70/licenses/Licence.<#> /opt/FLEXlm/Allinea/v70/licenses/old_licenses/Licence.<#>.<previous-year>
    If there is already an old license by that name due to an out-of-band license file renewal, append (say) .<#> to avoid overwrite.
  2. Copy the license file into the correct place:
    scp Licence.<#>
  3. Restart the server:
    sudo /usr/bin/systemctl restart allinea-licenceserver.service
  4. Check for a good restart of the service:
    sudo /usr/bin/systemctl status allinea-licenceserver.service
    If the service does not restart successfully, it is possible that an upgrade of the license server software is necessary: enter a ServiceDesk ticket.
  5. Check the details on the license server at