Obtaining, packaging and publishing new versions of ARM Forge (formerly known as Allinea Forge).

First, whoever is responsible for packaging the tools should register for update notifications at (use the "stay informed" box set toward the bottom of the page). They should also obtain UPD upload credentials via the service desk.

When a new version is available:

  1. Visit the link in the notification email (
  2. Download the binary tarballs for all supported platforms, currently:
    • 7.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
    • 6.0+ 64-bit (AMD/Intel)
  3. In a local products area in which you have the .updfiles/ directory in addition to .upsfiles/ (see any relocatable products area in which a pullProducts command has been run for an example), obtain an existing ARM Forge tools product for your current architecture, e.g.:
    setup upd
    upd install forge_tools [<version>]
  4. For each flavor:
    1. Untar the downloaded file in a temporary area.
    2. Install into the architecture-specific product area:
      (cd <tmp-area> ; ./ --accept-license <product-area>/forge_tools/<version>/<arch-dir>)
      Note that <arch-dir> should have + and . characters replaced by - with respect to <arch>.
    3. Copy the table file and license file into the expected places:
      cp -pR forge_tools/v18_0_1/<arch-dir>/{ups,licences} forge_tools/<version>/<arch>/
      (source architecture does not need to match destination architecture). Note also the UK spelling of, "licences."
    4. Declare the product:
      ups declare -z <prod-top-dir> -r forge_tools/<version>/<arch> -m forge_tools.table -f <arch> forge_tools <version>
    5. Upload the product to UPD for distribution, declaring it current if appropriate:
      upd addproduct [-c] forge_tools <version> -f <arch> -z <prod-top-dir>
  5. Verify correct operation of at least one package by setting it up and invoking ddt without arguments. If there are complaints about the license, a new license should be obtained.
  6. Send an email announcement to art-users and scisoft-teams. Example text:


A new version (<version>) of the debugging tools DDT and MAP as packaged in the UPS product "forge_tools" (forrmerly, "allinea"). In order to install it, have someone with access to your favorite UPS products area follow the installation instructions at

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.