Create a new <product>-ssi-build repository

  • you must be a manager of this project
  • click on Settings
  • click on the Repositories tab on the Settings page
  • click "New Repository" at the bottom of the list
  • fill out the form
  • SCM: select git
  • Identifier: <product>-ssi-build (e.g. clhep-ssi-build)
  • Path to repository: create_me (redmine will create the repository)
  • Path encoding: use the default, which is UTF-8
  • do not check "Report last commit for files and directories"
  • click the Create button
  • wait 15 minutes or so for the repository to be automatically created
  • once the repository path in the list changes from "create_me" to an actual path, your new repository is ready to clone

The very first time you access this new repository, you will need to force the push.

git clone ssh://<product>-ssi-build <product>-ssi-build
cd <product>-ssi-build
create build_<product>.sh
git commit -m"initial commit" build_<product>.sh
git push --force --all

Now you can work with this repository in the normal manner.