Build and distribute a new ssibuildshims release

Install into a local product directory, referred to as local_products.

You will need to specify the local_products path.

You can checkout ssibuildshims anywhere

  • cd working_dir
  • git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/build-framework-ssibuildshims ssibuildshims
  • cd ssibuildshims
  • ./ local_products
  • make sure that local_products exists and you can write to it
  • the script needs to find the ups setup file in either $PRODUCTS or at local_products/setup
  • ssibuildshims will be installed in local_products
  • ssibuildshims-<version>-source.tar.bz2 will be in local_products
  • copyToSciSoft <local_products>/ssibuildshims-<version>-source.tar.bz2