Building the Framework

This is the home of build-framework, which is used to build and install all packages needed by art, etc..
See for instructions about getting and building packages needed by art.


build-framework itself is used to generate the bundle source code manifests and source code tarballs.

ssibuildshims contains useful scripts used by the package build scripts.
The appropriate version will be packaged with each source code tarball.

There is a <product>-ssi-build repository for each external product (gcc, clhep, sqlite, etc.).
This repository contains a build script, the ups table file, patch files, and any other necessary files which are NOT part of the standard release tarball for that product.

SciSoft structure

Distributions are found under
Relocatable ups product tarballs are all under
Each bundle or tarball is in a "name/version" subdirectory under the main direcory.

Downloading software

use pullProducts

dependency list

This is encapsulated in the manifest used by pullProducts

Downloading a single product

Although we expect users to download a distribution bundle with pullProducts, there are rare occasions when it is useful to download a single product. Use pullPackage to download a single product.

Specific instructions