BudgetInput - CRQ 2366

Added by Penelope Constanta over 9 years ago

To resolve incident INC000000094085:
"Mass Task Change in Budget Input - Due to the Computing Division organizing into Sector's mass task changes will be needed in Budget Input, the Finance Group only has the availablilty to change tasks, manually, one by one.
We are hoping there is a better process for these changes and we will be providing a spreadsheet soon that will link old task numbers to new task numbers for the FY12 Budget Input system. "

Created a new page "Re-map Tasks" that reads a task re-mapping excel file and adds the new tasks and projects to the BudgetInput database, updates all tables that reference the old task and adds appropriate records in the Oracle {PATasks, Projects, Activities}_Approved tables for Miscomp.

BudgetInput - CRQ 1156

Added by Penelope Constanta over 10 years ago

To resolve incident INC000000063389:
"Kronos doesn't allow some special characters for the short activity names. The short activity names in Budget Input need to compensate for this. Please change all '&' to 'and', and replace all '-' with a blank space."
the BudgetInput application needs to be modified so that it will allow the characters '&' and '-' in the activity names but it will replace them appropriately when the Kronos short name is created and when the new/modified activities is created.

Also, this will be a good time to fix the short name QA testing PL/SQL cron job that run everynight as it currently gives incorrect errors due to the different way of using the FTL_Short_Name field in the tables.

To resolve INC000000993061: in the add/modify projects pages projects' list is limited to projects that the field SortOrder <>0. Ned to remove this limitation and allow all projects to be listed so that they can be updated.

BudgetInput - CRQ 767

Added by Penelope Constanta over 10 years ago


v10_0: FY10 initial Release

v11_0: FY11 initial Release

v11_1: Kronos support release
  • Fixes History output to contain correct information.
  • Fixes all record insertions/updates to Oracle tables to use sysdate for timestamp instead of formatting the current date as it comes from asp function Now().
  • Support for creating a short activity name for Kronos:
    • pages modified: NewActivity - support for Kronos ID
  • Support for creating an excel spreadsheet of new/modified activities suitable for the Kronos Activities import file. Pages modified:
    • BudgetMenu - menu entry
    • FTL_Create_Imports
  • Support for updating the ALL_MAPPINGS and KRONOS_CDACTID_LOOKUP with data from Kronos. Pages modified:
    • BudgetMenu - menu entry
    • FTL_UploadActivities
    • FTL_UploadComplete
  • Removed view ALL_MAPPINGS in Oracle Effort schema and added it as a table
  • Internal page: FTL_UpdateTables updates the FTL Short Name to match the Kronos one (after the first upload of the Kronos Activities):
    • Access BudgetInput Table: Activities
    • Oracle Tap Schema Table: Activities

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