This application is the main tool used by CD to create and manage line-item based budgets.

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Manager: James Fromm, Penelope Constanta

Developer: Norman Ho

Reporter: Molly Anderson, Valena Sibley

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BudgetInput - CRQ 2366
Added by Penelope Constanta over 9 years ago

BudgetInput - CRQ 1621
Replace task FundType with ServiceTypeCode
Added by Penelope Constanta almost 10 years ago

BudgetInput - CRQ 1156
To resolve incidents INC000000063389 and INC000000063710 and Short Activity Name QA test
Added by Penelope Constanta about 10 years ago

BudgetInput - CRQ 767
Release Notes for v11_1
Added by Penelope Constanta over 10 years ago

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