The Booster LOCO files

The LOCO files for Booster are deposited here. Presently, LOCO requires:

  • Mathematica to generate the sdds files from the orbit response measurements (ORM) and to generate the files to be uploaded into the Booster magnets.
  • Elegant for transporting the beam
  • TCL the scripting language used to generate the matrices for Gauss-Newton fitting.
  • octave for performing Gauss-Newton

There is a lot of set up to do by the end user to get LOCO working! The long term goal is to simplify the entire process!

Please use git to get a copy of the LOCO files with the following command to clone a copy of LOCO onto your local machine

git clone

Note: there is a tcl script qsub in the bin directory that is needed for machines that do not have qsub. Put this program somewhere in your path. Make sure to

chmod +x qsub

to make qsub executable.

There is some documentation:

You will probably need some help to get LOCO working on your machine because it is rather complicated. Contact: