Booster Neutrino Beam Simulation project

The G4BNB Software

Downloading the G4BNB code

G4BNB software is maintained in a git repository: associated with this redmine project. You may clone this repository anonymously and without authentication and in order to push commits back you must be authenticated. See About this redmine for details on authentication.

Authenticated clone (i.e., allows to modify the software and upload your modification on this site, via git push):

$ git clone ssh://

Anonymous clone (no push):

$ git clone

For help with git see Git Help. To check out a fixed release of g4lbnb (which is recommended for large production runs) into a directory with the name of the tag, you can do:

$ git clone ssh:// <tag_name>
$ cd <tag_name>
$ git checkout <tag_name>

You can see a list of available tags by doing:
$ git tag

Building G4BNB at Fermilab

See the README.txt

Installing and Setting up G4BNB on Offsite Machines

See the Installation topic information on how to install G4BNB and its dependencies.

Status on the commissioning under geant4, v4.9.6.p03 and (> March 2016) v4.10.1.p03

See the Status of Commissioning gory details..