Step 1: Start-up

Implementation of the ASCII ntuples in BooNEOutput, and cross-check with the HBOOK Ntuple. Also, commissioning of the Ntuple converter Beam - Neutrino on MiniBoone detector, BooBeamNT, and flux histogram make (FluxForNuance). The workis done on

Step 2: First attempt at flux comparison

Disaster! Shape and normalization factors disagree. The pi scattering X-section wrong by ~20 order of magnitude.. See issue 10253 Fix the previously discovered on setting the correct length for the array holding the total cross-section pion+, pi-, on Aluminium. and Berylium. Fix also the (known) bug on proper initialization of Skin depth parameter in corresponding BooNESkinDepthField class..See issue 10251

Step 3:

Check the X-section, by "spiking" the class G4HadronProcess with a small ASCII Nutple. So, so good, total X-section make sense. However, the p on Be inelastic X-section is 178 mb, not 189.3 Issue 10254
Recompute the flux:

Note: I had to divide by 1,000 to get it right. I presume the BooNEBeamNT program does not divide by the number of re-decays. To be checked. The ratio: