Record and manage the fix-up needed to get the BooNE-MC (also named BooNECVS/BooNEG4Beam, the name of the old CVS repository) such that the code runs under gcc 4.1.2, and Geant4.1.8.p02
Many, hopefully most of them, of the bug fixes have already been implemented in the main project. However (i) some of the changes made to the original code (from the old CVS repo) have not been formally tracked (ii) The goal here is not to port the code to a current version of Geant4, and./or use more recent software to handle the neutrino Ntuple, but simply to implement bug fixes such that the code runs under gcc 4.1.2, and produces the nominal plots from the PRD paper Phys rev D79 072002 (2009) This is an intermediate step...

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Manager: Paul Lebrun

Developer: Elena Gramellini, Zarko Pavlovic