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Online monitor for the beam data collection system, used in the control room.

Art Kreymer, RITM0064356, 07/09/2013

The original Big Green Button was a small python script which wrote to an X-window,
in all cases ssh-tunneled to a remote client.
The script ran on the minos-beamdata system archived the beam data.

The window had a green background unless there was an error.
Transient issues produced a yellow background
Major issues produced a red background and appropriate emails (with flood control)

The main thing being tracked was the growth of the B*.mbeam.root current data file
while we were receiving A9 triggers.

The content of the screen was normally two big numbers :
Time of last monitoring
Time since the last A9.
When an error occurred, appropriate instructions were added to the window.

The script knew about A9's by registering with the XMLRPC server.

The primary task of the IFBEAM BGB would be to verify that data is being acquired,
at least for the A9 event.

Real time alarms are not required.
It is more important to avoid false positives.

Detailed content of the database is beyond the scope of the BGB.

As a courtesy to Minerva, we should alarm if the A9 interval is too short.
We should verify with Minerva whether this remains an issue with their upgraded DAQ.

Since BGB will be web based,
the page should probably warn the user if it is not updated in a timely manner,
as is done at

For reference,
the old script which produced the Big Green Button can be found in CVS at

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