Big Data Program at Fermilab

The Big Data Program at Fermilab consists of several components. While High Energy and Astrophysics applications have been generating, managing, transporting and processing very large data sizes for decades, particular aspects of the technologies, methods and approaches of the recent "big data paradigms" hold some promise of enabling more effective and efficient arrival at results, as well as the potential for extending the reach and accuracy of the physics outcomes themselves.

The current program includes a mix of R&D - with one activity having as a goal to put actual techniques into the production processing workflows of running experiments (NOvA LEM), another activity being to foster physics level discussions and understanding of the leading techniques and technologies currently "on the market" and how they might be applicable, other activities being exploration and integration of HEP data models into big data technologies, and still another the potential use for searching for dwarf galaxies in the data from the Dark Energy Survey camera.

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