FNAL ServiceNow Developer Guidelines Wiki

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. ServiceNow Coding Best Practices
  3. "Javascript Coding Conventions": (a good set of general guidelines to follow)
  4. FNAL Guidelines
  5. Weekly Release Review Checklist


The purpose of this document is to describe best practices and standards that will be used when developing and deploying ServiceNOW solutions. This document will serve as a set of guiding principles, with the goal of developing software with a common set of core methodologies and techniques that will aid in the development of robust and maintainable software. This document will supplement other coding “best practices” that have been generally agreed upon in the industry, including the documentation provided by ServiceNOW (see > Examples are used to demonstrate principles, some examples will indicate examples of how NOT to do something.

An important guiding principle will be self documenting code. The ideal state is a code base that is so complete, so understandable, than anyone with a base understanding of the technologies will have complete functional understanding of the software. Practically speaking, this is not achievable but should be the ultimate goal. This document will help outline principles to approach this state.