How plots were generated.

I put all my work in progress files in


Root file was dumped into a text file as in the following example

 1001  cd /minos/data/minfarm/
 1002  ls
 1003  ls -altrh
 1004  ls
 1005  mkdir temp
 1006  cd temp
 1007  export MINOS_SETUP_DIR=/grid/fermiapp/minos/minossoft/setup
 1008  emacs -nw ~/.bashrc
 1009  source $MINOS_SETUP_DIR/ $*
 1010  cd temp
 1011  cp  $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/RawData/test/spin_raw_beam.C .
 1012  emacs -nw spin_raw_beam.C 
 nohup loon -b -q  ./spin_raw_beam.C /minos/data/beam_data/2011-11/B111110_080001.mbeam.root >&B111110_080001.mbeam.dump.txt &


 1013  nohup loon -b -q -r 2 $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/RawData/test/spin_raw_beam.C /minos/data/beam_data/2011-11/B111110_080001.mbeam.root >&B111110_080001.mbeam.dump.txt &

Data from ifbeam database was either queried directly (Examples)

or using C++ API that Andrew showed me

Initially I used APIs to make my plots (see below) but that had limited capabilities, only several methods were provided and I did not have enough experience with C++ to write add own methods. So I used xml files that I got directly.