The predator script declares Minos data/dcs/beam files to SAM, and does a few related tasks.

It runs as a cron job in the minodata account on node minos27,
at 6 minutes after each odd hour ( Central time )

You can check the logs by running /minos/app/home/mindata/predator/status

We run predator manually once a month, on about the 3rd of each month,
to pick up the boundary-case files from the month transistion.

Predator does :
  • Declare neardet_data, near_dcs_data, fardet_data, far_dcs_data and beam-data files to SAM
  • Copy each new *det_data files to /minos/data/*det_data for use by Data Quality processes.
  • Update tape locations daily for files which had been pending on the DCache write queues.

Predator must be invoked with its full path :