Getting Test Releases to Grid worker nodes

The /grid/fermiapp and /minos/app areas were unmounted from Fermigrid 2018 Jan 18.

Simon's note

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:58:05 +0000
From: Simon De Rijck <>

Some of you might already know how to change there job submission scripts now that /minos/app/ and /grid/fermiapp/ have been
unmounted on FermiGrid, but yesterday I sat down with Art to discuss this and I like to share some of the things he told me.

- As it stands now, we have to make a tarball of our test release that we need to run a specific macro. In my case, my LED
analysis test release is 1.4 GB. There are a lot of files in there that are just not necessary to copy over for each single job,
but 1.4 GB or anything of that size should not cause too much trouble to copy and unpack each time on FermiGrid. That being
said, Art acknowledged that this is conceptually not great and he hopes that changes will be made, for example using cvmfs, to
avoid having to make a tarball of your test release each time you submit a job.

- To setup your test release we cannot rely on the scripts from /grid/fermiapp/ anymore. Please refer to
/grid/fermiapp/minos/scripts/testloon for an example on how to setup your test release with cvmfs.

- Request access to the fncptest1 machine. This machine has the same container as any FermiGrid node, which as of now does not
have /minos/app/ or /grid/fermiapp/ mounted on it, and as such is perfect to interactively test your scripts for hard coded sim
links (references to /minos/app/ and /grid/fermiapp/; relative sim links are ok) before trying things on FermiGrid.

I made the request yesterday and it was approved 30 min later: [] > Scientific Computing Services > Batch Job Management (jobsub
condorsubmit) > Submit a request to service providers
I set the urgency to '2-Medium' and used the following descriptions:
Short description: Account on fncptest1
Details of request: I am requesting access to fncptest1 machine so I can test scripts in an environment that does not have the
/minos/app/ area mounted

- Art advised to make a copy of your test release before making these changes.

Improvement plan

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018 00:08:48 +0000
From: Michael H Kirby <>

Following on the discussion today about a possible cvmfs temp publish service, we decided to circulate a charge to the
experiments requesting that they document their use cases for distributing code to worker nodes. I've put together an informal
charge and included it in the email. The hope is to have draft responses from the experiments back by Friday next week, Jan 26,
2018. We would then iterate on the use cases, and use these to build out a full set of requirements for working area/code
distribution to worker nodes for experiment workflows. Please feel free to send questions or comments about the charge or the
process to , , and .