• Parameters below (the tolerance range) need to be checked/modifies every time the beam configuration is changed.
  • All changes will set into registry in BeamDataDbi/test/TestBMCutsFiller.cxx, then compile it in the directory above.
  • To spin the values into dB, use loon macro run_testbmcutsfiller.C in the same directory.
Parameter 2007 settings 2011 settings 2013 loose cuts 2013 tight cuts 2013 Horn-off cuts Comments
PosTgtXMin -2.0*Munits::mm -1.3*Munits::mm 0.01*Munits::mm 0.01*Munits::mm
PosTgtXMax -0.01*Munits::mm -0.3*Munits::mm 2.01*Munits::mm 2.01*Munits::mm
PosTgtYMin 0.01*Munits::mm 0.1*Munits::mm 0.01*Munits::mm 0.01*Munits::mm
PosTgtYMin 2.0*Munits::mm 1.1*Munits::mm 2.01*Munits::mm 2.01*Munits::mm
WidXMin 0.1*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm
WidXMax 1.5*Munits::mm 1.38*Munits::mm 2.00*Munits::mm 2.00*Munits::mm
WidYMin 0.1*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm 0.57*Munits::mm
WidYMax 2.0*Munits::mm 1.38*Munits::mm 2.00*Munits::mm 2.00*Munits::mm
TorIntMin 30.0 0.5 0.50 0.50 0.50
TorIntMax 50.0 50.0 55.0 0.55 0.55
HornCurMin -2.00e5*Munits::ampere -2.00e5*Munits::ampere -2.05e5*Munits::ampere -0.50e5*Munits::ampere Horn current min
HornCurMax -1.55e5*Munits::ampere -1.75e5*Munits::ampere -1.75e5*Munits::ampere 0.01e5*Munits::ampere Horn current max