Removing RECO files

Script 'retire' has been added to /grid/fermiapp/minos/minfarm/scripts

It is used to remove a given Reco files from PNFS/Bluearc/SAM
for a given Detector, Release, Pass and Run.
There are arguments reserved for MC version and Beam qualifier,
but these are not implemented as of 2012-06-19.

retire is usually used to remove a pass when there is a new pass.

retire is run in minospro, as this account owns Reco files.

  • Arguments
    • Detector
    • Release
    • Pass
    • Run number
    • MC release or DATA
    • BEAM for MC, "" for DATA
    • write - set non-null to actually take action

Run retire first for evaluation without setting 'write', than add the 'write' argument.
The number of files in the given pass and the next pass are printed,
for a consistency check.

Tee the output to an appropriate logfile.

Sample run :

./retire near dogwood5 0 18159 DATA "" write 2>&1 |    tee /minos/data/users/minospro/maint/dog520120615.log
Fri Jun 15 15:56:45 CDT 2012
 RETIRE removing 

DET near
REL dogwood5
RUN N00018159
MON 2010-06
WRI write

BASE   /pnfs/minos/reco_near/dogwood5
 STREAM cand_data
-rw-r--r-- 1 minospro e875 868725680 Nov 26  2010 /pnfs/minos/reco_near/dogwood5/cand_data/2010-06/N00018159_0000.cosmic.cand.dogwood5.0.root
-rw-r--r-- 1 minospro e875 562376298 Nov 26  2010 /pnfs/minos/reco_near/dogwood5/cand_data/2010-06/N00018159_0000.spill.cand.dogwood5.0.root
 NPAS, NNEX  48 46 
 STREAM mrnt_data
-rw-r--r-- 1 minospro e875 1225572766 Dec 22  2010 /pnfs/minos/reco_near/dogwood5/mrnt_data/2010-06/N00018159_0000.spill.mrnt.dogwood5.0.root
 NPAS, NNEX  1 1