Updating sam metadata or declare to sam files that already on tape.

Two scripts have been added to /grid/fermiapp/minos/minospro/scripts


PRO> ./ -h
Usage:   /grid/fermiapp/minos/minospro/scripts/ -f ${filename} -pd
         ./ -f /pnfs/minos/reco_far/dogwood4/sntp_data/2012-08/F00049869_0000.cosmic.sntp.dogwood4.0.root -nd

Options: -n: file is new, not already declared, create new metadata using pnfs location
         -p: only update parent information in sam metadata
         -d: actually re-declare file with new metadata
         -h: Print this message

Note: Make sure correct list of parents is in /minos/data/users/minospro/ROUNDUP/READ/${filename}
      If location is changed update it in

The LOG files are store here