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Minos Beam Data processing

This "Beam Data" is a bit more general than simply that of the batch group efforts, but lives here for historical reasons as well as a lack of an obvious alternative.

The topics to be discussed here include:

  • acquisition of the data from ACNet into MINOS .mbeam.root format files
  • replacement of direct XMLRPC calls to ACNet with access to the new IFBeamData DB ** comparison of data from minos root file and from IF database
  • processing said .mbeam.root files into MINOS DB BeamMonSpill table entries
  • fixing or repopulating BeamMonSpill when there are incomplete .mbeam.root files
  • verifying that the MINOS DB is up-to-date before batch processing of files proceeds
  • reworking Jas online beam monitoring in the MINOS+ era
  • this is not a batch task, but is only put here because the effort shares many of the same concerns with the .mbeam.root upgrade task

Checking the BFIELD and BEAMMONSPILL Database Table Statuses


Grid Test Release Getting your test release on grid nodes.

New online monitoring tool

Database maintenance



Batch Submissions


Removing bad reco files

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Fixing sam metadata

Running grid jobs at TACC