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Pengfei Ding, 10/02/2019 03:49 PM

Getting setup with docker and jupyterlab

Assuming you have docker ready, the following script will pull start a docker container (by default named as "metrics_nb"), and start jupyter notebook in the container. The URL to the jupyter notebook instance will be displayed in your terminal.

chmod +x

Then run it with:

# ./ <metrics_dir_path> <notebook_dir_path> [notebook_name]
# e.g.
./ /home/ron/work/artdaqPrj/demo2-develop/daqlogs/metrics /home/dingpf/notebooks

Once the container is up, you can open a browser to the link displayed in your terminal, open and run the "notebooks/Plot_metrics-single_plot.ipynb" notebook. There will be two drop-down boxes asking you which log file you want to parse and which metrics you want to plot.