artdaq Release Notes v3_07_02 (07-Feb-2020)


This version of artdaq can be built against art v3_04_00 (s94) (experimental), v3_02_06 (s92, use art-v3_02_06c bundle) (experimental), v3_03_00 (s87), v2_13_00 (s85), v3_02_05 (s83), v3_02_04 (s82) (upon request), v2_11_05 (s73) (upon request) or v2_11_01 (s67) (upon request). It can be built with gcc v6_4_0 (e15), gcc v7_3_0 (e17), gcc v8_2_0 (s19), clang v7_0_0 (c7) or clang v5_0_1 (c2).

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e17:s85.

This version of artdaq contains an important update to the transfers between EventBuilders and all subsequent artdaq processes that greatly improves performance. It also contains code that allows DAQInterface to send MessageFacility messages and TRACEs.


artdaq version:"v3_07_02"

New features:

  • Bug #23821: SharedMemoryEventManager::buildStatisticsString has extra factors of 8 in reported sizes

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Feature #22882: online monitor connection robustness
  • Feature #23284: logMessage_ function in BoardReaderCore and DataReceiverCore should be replaced with TLOG calls
  • Feature #23599: Extra memcpy in NetMonWrapper and TransferWrapper
  • Feature #23640: Monitoring of online monitors
  • Feature #23646: Simple Metric Sender
  • Feature #23824: An error results when trying to set an artdaq process's mask via xmlrpc
  • Feature #23839: Remove metric aggregation from SharedMemoryEventManager
  • Feature #23977: Support for art v3_04_00 s94
  • Feature #21799: Allow sending metrics and/or TRACEs from python or Node.js
  • Feature #22852: "SequenceID" pull mode for SBN

Operational changes:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq_core v3_05_10
  • artdaq_utilities v1_05_04
  • art v3_04_00 (s94), v3_02_06 (s92), v3_03_00 (s87), v2_13_00 (s85), v3_02_05 (s83), v3_02_04 (s82), v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67)