artdaq Release Notes v3_04_01 (28-Mar-2019)


This version of artdaq can be built against art v2_11_05 (s73) or v2_11_01 (s67). It can be built with gcc v6_4_0 (e15), gcc v7_3_0 (e17), or clang v5_0_1 (c2). Supported combinations are s67-e15, s67-e17, s67-c2, s73-e17, and s73-c2.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e15:s67.

This version of artdaq contains a minor bugfix to DataSenderManager's retry logic.


artdaq version:"v3_04_01"

New features:

  • None

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug #22119: A Dispatcher crash can cause upstream senders to stop processing events

Operational changes:

  • None

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq_core v3_04_11
  • artdaq_utilities v1_04_10
  • art v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67)