artdaq Release Notes v3_04_00 (06-Mar-2019)


This version of artdaq can be built against art v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67), v2_10_03 (s65). It can be built with gcc v6_4_0 (e15), gcc v7_3_0 (e17), or clang v5_0_1 (c2). Supported combinations are s65-e15, s65-c2, s67-e15, s67-e17, s67-c2, s73-e17, and s73-c2.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e15:s65.

This version of artdaq contains several bugfixes and improvements. A change to potential RootDAQOut configuration means that configurations valid for artdaq v3_04_00 may not be valid for previous versions of artdaq, leading to the minor version number change.


artdaq version:"v3_04_00"

New features:

  • Feature #21868: Periodic warnings when backpressure detected
  • Feature #21901: It might be more natural to have TransferWrapper start reporting with the 1st event received rather than the 2nd
  • Idea #22059: Implement filename wildcards in RootDAQOut
  • Feature #21056: Doxygen cross-reference other artdaq code
  • Feature #21072: Add TRACEs around critical operations in art process

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug #21863: mediumsystem_with_routing_master fails during integration testing
  • Bug #21869: Data can persist in TransferPlugins between runs (stop/start transitions)
  • Bug #21870: DataReceiverManager::stop_threads ends before all threads are actually stopped
  • Bug #21897: One event per subrun appears to fail if a fragment generator in Buffer mode is added
  • Bug #21908: Inconsistent results with 10 1-minute runs using mediumsystem_with_routing_master
  • Bug #21591: Run stop/start intermittently fails at protoDUNE (stale Request messages)
  • Bug #20642: RoutingMaster crash on shutdown (terminate)

Operational changes:

  • None

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq_core v3_04_11
  • artdaq_utilities v1_04_10
  • art v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67), v2_10_03 (s65)