artdaq Release Notes v3_03_02 (01-Feb-2019)


This version of artdaq can be built against art v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67), v2_10_03 (s65) or v2_10_02 (s64). It can be built with gcc v6_4_0 (e15), gcc v7_3_0 (e17), or clang v5_0_1 (c2). Supported combinations are s64-e15, s64-c2, s65-e15, s65-c2, s67-e15, s67-e17, s67-c2, s73-e17, and s73-c2.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e15:s64.

This version of artdaq contains several bugfixes and improvements.


artdaq version:"v3_03_02"

New features:

  • Support #21694: Add support for art v2_11_05 (s73)
  • Feature #21092: Routing Table Receiver application
  • Feature #20872: Improved Metric prefixes from art processes
  • Feature #21091: In RequestReceiver::GetAndClearRequests, all request storage variables should be cleared
  • Feature #21090: Set request message rank explicitly in RequestSender

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug #21079: Potential race condition in CommandableFragmentGenerator
  • Bug #20625: Make sure that Routing Tables are sent in single UDP datagrams
  • Bug #21082: Call CleanUpGlobals in artdaqDriver
  • Bug #20770: SharedMemoryReader metric SIGFPE
  • Bug #21067: Race condition in DoneWritingFragment
  • Bug #20975: Killing online monitor mid-run causes Dispatcher issues
  • Bug #21084: Ensure that PID list is always accessed in thread-safe manner
  • Bug #21080: Routing Tokens persist between runs in Routing Master
  • Bug #21081: RoutingMasterCore uses metricMan pointer without checking its validity
  • Bug #21267: Problems seen with large, and non-unique, request windows

Operational changes:

  • None

Dependent Package Notes

  • artdaq_core v3_04_09
  • artdaq_utilities v1_04_09
  • art v2_11_05 (s73), v2_11_01 (s67), v2_10_03 (s65), v2_10_02 (s64)