artdaq Release Notes 1.12.14 (23-Nov-2015)


This version of artdaq primarily serves to update products that artdaq depends upon.

Through artdaq_core v1_04_23, this version of artdaq can be built against art v1_17_03 (s21), v1_15_02 (s15), or v1_14_02 (s11). It can also be built with gcc v4_9_3 (e9), v4_9_2 (e7) [using -std=c++14], or v4_9_1 (e6) [using -std=c++1y].

The initial builds on SciSoft include e9:s21 builds.

Also, artdaq can be built with the Infiniband or Ethernet MPI libraries, and these are controlled by qualifiers ib and eth.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e7:s15:eth.


External Package Changes

artdaq v1_12_14

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • Internal changes to the OutputModules (BinaryMPIOutput, BinaryFileOutput, RootMPIOutput due to an interface change in art's OutputModule
  • Change get_pset_keys to get_pset_names in

Known issues:

  • Breaking Change: Users MUST add "errorOnFailureToPut: true # or false" to their EventBuilder services.scheduler configuration block

Dependent Package Notes

To install this version of artdaq on a new machine, you can use the following steps:
  • download the pullProducts script from
  • 'chmod +x pullProducts' (to make the script executable)
  • 'cd <tarfile directory>' (to avoid cluttering up the current directory with downloaded tarfiles)
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-1.12.14 s15-e7 prof'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-1.12.14 s15-e7 debug'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> <other CET-supported OS codes> artdaq-1.12.14 <other sX-eY combinations> <prof|debug>'