artdaq Release Notes 1.12.09 (04-May-2015)


This version of artdaq includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes, as described below.

Through artdaq_core v1_04_11, this version of artdaq can be built against art v1_13_02 (s8), art v1_13_01 (s7), or v1_12_05 (s6). It can also be built with gcc v4_9_1 (e6) or v4_9_2 (e7) [both use -std=c++1y].

The initial builds on SciSoft include e6:s6, e6:s7, e7:s7, and e7:s8 builds.

Also, artdaq can be built with the Infiniband or Ethernet MPI libraries, and these are controlled by qualifiers ib and eth.

The default set of qualifiers for this version of artdaq is e7:s8:eth.


External Package Changes

artdaq v1_12_09

New features:

  • Issue #8579: Catch boost exceptions thrown in FragmentGenerator getNext methods [LArIAT]
  • Issue #8585: Add reporting of subrun number and the number of incomplete events [LBNE 35t]
  • Issue #8587: Add ability to specify experiment-specific Message Facility configuration [LBNE 35t]
  • Issue #8588: Support metrics reporting from FragmentGenerator derived classes
  • Issue #8589: Add a fragment counter metric to BoardReaderCore [LBNE 35t]
  • Issue #8590: Develop infrastructure for internally triggering fragment generation [OtS DAQ]

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #8580: Default metric names that included a board ID were garbled
  • Issue #8581: "Report" requests to Aggregators and EventBuilders before initialization would crash the system
  • Issue #8582: File size testing is happening too frequently [LBNE 35t]
  • Issue #8584: In both Aggregators and EventBuilders, metrics values were not being reported as zero between runs [LBNE 35t, DS-50]

Operational changes:

  • Issue #8586: Remove Perf statistics gathering to help avoid crashes [LBNE 35t]

Known issues:

  • Breaking Change: EventStore constructors were modified to accept a ParameterSet with specified configuration parameter values, and this reduced the number of constructor arguments.
  • The MetricManager initialize() and sendMetrics() methods were modified to accept additional arguments (metric name prefix and flag to turn on the addition of the prefix, respectively). Both of these new arguments have default values, so existing code should not need to change.

Dependent Package Notes

To install this version of artdaq on a new machine, you can use the following steps:
  • download the pullProducts script from
  • 'chmod +x pullProducts' (to make the script executable)
  • 'cd <tarfile directory>' (to avoid cluttering up the current directory with downloaded tarfiles)
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-1.12.09 s8-e7 prof'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-1.12.09 s8-e7 debug'
  • '<pathToScript>/pullProducts <product_topdir> slf6 artdaq-1.12.09 <other sX-eY combinations> <prof|debug>'