artdaq Release Notes 1.11.00 (04-Sep-2014)

This version of artdaq depends on art v1_10_00b (through artdaq_core v1_02_01).

External Package Changes

artdaq v1_11_00

New features:

  • The ArtdaqBuildInfo ArtModule was modified to add information about the artdaq_core build version to the data stream. The PrintVersionInfo module was added.
    • These are part of Issue #6714: Provide version information of the lbne-raw-data package in data files

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #6435: Package version information is not being included after the first data file in a run

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • was changed to handle the move of the LibraryManager from art to cetlib. We took this opportunity to start using cet::BasicPluginFactory. This should not be an issue, but if problems crop up with the creation of FragmentGenerators in this new release, this change should be kept in mind.
  •, RawEventQueueReader, and raw_event_queue_reader_t were updated to handle the replacement of art::PrincipalMaker with art::SourceHelper.
  • The raw_event_queue_reader_t unit test was commented out temporarily until the issues with building it with the new version of art, etc. can be worked out.