artdaq Release Notes 1.09.00 (24-Jul-2014)

This version of artdaq is the first one to depend on artdaq_core (v1_00_01).

External Package Changes

artdaq v1_09_00

New features:

  • Issue #6256: Separate the existing artdaq code into multiple packages

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • none

Usage notes

To update existing code to use this release:
  • the top-level CMakeLists.txt file may need to be changed to include a find_ups_package call for artdaq_core
  • the location of some header files will need to be updated
  • some additional libraries will need to be added to CMakeLists.txt files
  • the use of the artdaq/DAQdata/features.hh header file is replaced by artdaq-core/Data/dictionarycontrol.hh
    • the USE_MODERN_FEATURES pre-processor macro is replaced with HIDE_FROM_ROOT