artdaq Release Notes 1.08.00 (15-May-2014)

This version of artdaq is the first to depend on TRACE (v3_03_02).

External Package Changes

artdaq v1_08_00

New features:

  • Issue #6160: Provide support for adding package version and build time information to the Run data products in raw data files
  • Issue #5965: Add trace to artdaq

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • Issue #6259: Add the subrun number to Aggregator and EventBuilder status messages

Known issues:

  • TRACE v3_03_02 needs to be installed along with this version of artdaq.

Usage notes

To enable the use of TRACE, the following steps can be used (before starting artdaq):
  • 'export TRACE_NAME=artdaq'
  • 'tlvlM -n artdaq 0xffffffffffffffff' (or whatever mask is desired)
To see the trace messages after running artdaq:
  • 'tshow -n artdaq'

More complete TRACE documentation is available here (for example, see the users guide).