Questions regarding the use of XDAQ

One of the main questions is: how different will the XDAQ "application" be for calibration versus data taking in the final upgraded system?

In addition, it would be helpful to learn more about the XDAQ system that is being used now at the FNAL testbeam...

  • how many XDAQ processes are there in the system?
  • are there other cooperating processes that are used in addition to XDAQ processes?
  • how do the XDAQ (and other?) processes get started?
  • is event data written to disk, or is it simply analyzed in real-time and plots are generated?
  • are the histograms/plots simply displayed to the user, or are they stored on disk?
  • where can we find the code that is currently in use?
    • one of the things that we would like to look at is how tightly coupled the readout and histograming code is with the XDAQ application