Note on artdaq_core releases

artdaq_core is the software package that allows offline art code to read data files generated by artdaq. Therefore, when new versions of art are released, it is often necessary to create a version of artdaq_core that is built against the new version of art and provides appropriate dictionaries for offline code. These versions of artdaq_core are given in-sequence version numbers but are not included in the "official" version list that is correlated with artdaq releases and release notes are not generated for them.

Creating artdaq_core "Offline" releases

  1. If compatibility with a new version of art requires changing more than product_deps, that artdaq team should be notified () so that these changes are made in the least destructive way possible.
  2. The develop branch of the artdaq_core repository is usually assumed to be in a "release-ready" state.
    • Large features that require more than a few commits or days of work should be in separate feature branches until they are ready to be released.
    • art versions of artdaq_core may contain features which are not yet present in "official" releases of artdaq_core.
    • The develop branch should be tagged for release in the normal gitflow-based manner. (Git flow quick start).
    • If there is any uncertainty about the state of the artdaq_core develop branch, the art release manager should tag the master branch of artdaq_core and merge the changes to product_deps into develop.