Creating an "Online Monitoring" artdaq release

For unofficial "Online Monitoring" artdaq releases designed to support specific versions of art, only the artdaq bundle products (artdaq_core, artdaq_utilities, and artdaq) need to be versioned.

  1. Edit the version number in the ups/product_deps file in the three repositories
    1. artdaq_core's patch version number should be updated
    2. artdaq_utilities and artdaq should have letters appended/updated to their version number
    3. artdaq's dependency list should be updated with the new artdaq_core and artdaq_utilities version numbers
  2. Update the qualifier list in the ups/product_deps files
    1. artdaq_core will need the appropriate version of canvas_root_io added to the dependency list
    2. artdaq_utilities will need the appropriate version of messagefacility added to the dependency list
    3. artdaq will need the appropraite version of art_root_io added to the dependency list
  3. Update the build scripts in artdaq-utilities/for_jenkins
    1. and have to have their artver and squal variables set in the options processing block
  4. Update build-framework
    1. Update the versions of artdaq_core, artdaq_utilities, and artdaq in build-framework/CMakeLists.txt
    2. Add the new s-qualifier build instructions in build-framework/art_externals/
      1. This requires the art, gallery and art_root_io versions for the new s-qualifier
    3. Build build-framework using CMake and copy the new art_externals/artdaq-cfg-* to SciSoft
  5. Build the new version only for the new s-qualifier on Jenkins using artdaq-lite-build
    1. Build will have to be repeated for each e-qualifier supported by the new s-qualifier
    2. After each build, use copyFromJenkins and copyToSciSoft to upload completed products