Copying artdaq-related UPS products to CVMFS

08-Mar-2017, KAB: Here are the steps that I've been using to do this.

  1. log into as user artdaq
  2. 'cd $HOME/pullProductsWorkArea'
  3. to see the local hints, 'cat README'
  4. 'rm -i *.tar.bz2'
  5. fetch the latest pullProducts script, if desired
    • 'mv pullProducts'
    • 'wget'
    • 'chmod +x ./pullProducts'
  6. './pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/artdaq slf6 artdaq-2.01.00 s41-e10 prof' (SAMPLE)
    • to see what products have been installed previously, you can either
    • 'ls -alF $HOME/pullProductsWorkArea/*MANIFEST*', or
    • 'cat /grid/fermiapp/products/artdaq/README'
  7. 'cd /grid/fermiapp/products/artdaq'
  8. 'find . -type f -atime 0 -print | xargs -d '\n' chmod go+r'
  9. 'find . -type d -atime 0 -print | xargs -d '\n' chmod go+rx'
  10. edit the README file in /grid/fermiapp/products/artdaq to document the software products that you just pulled (this README file is different than the one in $HOME/pullProductsWorkArea, of course)
  11. if you want to trigger a special push of the code to CVMFS, use '/grid/fermiapp/cvmfsfermilab/bin/sync-cvmfs artdaq'. Otherwise, things are automatically distributed overnight.


  • the use of the $HOME/pullProductsWorkArea directory is motivated by the desire to avoid cluttering up the CVMFS area with MANIFEST files and tar files
  • the home area that we have on the artdaqgpvm01 virtual machine is only 18 GB in size, so it is good practice to delete tar files periodically
  • the changing of file permissions (go+r for files and go+rx for directories) is needed so that the process that pushes files to CVMFS can see them

Reference information

There were lots of folks who helped set up infrastructure to make this possible. Here are some of the SNOW ticket numbers for work that was done and Wiki pages that provided some background information: