Building artdaq with Jenkins and distributing it with SciSoft

Instructions from Lynn

Lynn provided instructions for doing these things here. It is very likely that her instructions supersede what is written below.

Notes from Eric and Kurt's discussion with Lynn, 17-Jan-2015

We tentatively agreed to skip an artdaq_core bundle, for now.
We'll need to create bundles for our experiment-based work: e.g. ds50daq, mu2e_artdaq, lbne_artdaq, etc.
We'll need to build Infiniband-based builds on the DS-50 teststand, for now. (Until we're ready to upgrade mvapich2.)

Commands used to build the build-framework package:

  910  git clone
  911  cd build-framework/
  912  ls
  913  less CMakeLists.txt
  914  vi CMakeLists.txt
  915  cd ..
  916  mkdir build_build-framework
  918  cd build_build-framework/
  919  source /products/setup
  922  cmake ../build-framework/

Sample software package dependencies

Sample ds50daq package dependencies