artdaq_core Release Notes 3.01.02 (26-Jan-2018)


This release of artdaq_core supports new versions of art (through canvas and canvas_root_io).
Please see artdaq_core's ups/product_deps file to determine which art versions are supported. (AboutQualifiers for translation between s-qualifier and art version)


artdaq_core v3_01_02

New features:

  • Feature #18812: GenFile_mfPlugin should support similar printf-replacement-style formatting as RootOutput
  • Feature #18813: Improve generated MessageFacility configuration, include TRACE throttling

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #18811: SharedMemoryManager does the wrong thing when a buffer is touched as it is being checked for staleness

Operational changes:

  • std::thread replaced with boost::thread to allow control of stack size
  • art::ParentageMap dictionary moved in from artdaq, all dictionaries are generated in artdaq_core.
  • GenFile_mfPlugin moved in from artdaq_mfextensions, required for configureMessageFacility
  • Globals::convertUnixTimeToSeconds has been moved to TimeUtils

Known issues:

  • none

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