artdaq_core Release Notes 1.05.06 (25-Aug-2016)


This release of artdaq_core incorporates changes to the ContainerFragment and improvements to the handling of system fragment types.

This version of artdaq_core can be built against art v2_03_00 (s41), art v2_02_02 (s39)**, art v2_02_01 (s38)**, art v2_02_00 (s37)**, art v2_00_03 (s36)**, art v2_01_02 (s35), art v1_17_08 (s34), art v2_00_02 (s33)**, art v1_18_05 (s31)**, art v1_17_07 (s30)**, art v1_17_06 (s28)**, art v1_17_05 (s26)**, art v1_17_04 (s24)**, or art v1_17_03 (s21). It can also be built with gcc v4_9_3a (e10), or v4_9_3 (e9) using --std=c++14.
** Denotes not officially supported by artdaq v1_13_01


External Package Changes

artdaq_core v1_05_06

New features:

  • Feature #13667: Support creating documentation for artdaq-core classes
  • Feature #13671: ContainerFragment should indicate if there is data missing

Bug fixes:

  • Bug #13668: System Fragment types in the data stream are unrecognized
  • Bug #13670: ContainerFragment does not properly account for the size of its contents

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes