artdaq_core Release Notes 1.04.20 (23-Oct-2015)


This release of artdaq_core includes new versions of art that have not yet been tested for compatibility with artdaq. These versions are necessary, however, to product offline bundles which rely on the artdaq_core classes.

This version of artdaq_core can be built against art v1_17_02 (s20), art v1_16_02 (s18), art_ v1_16_00 (s16), art v1_15_02 (s15), art v1_14_02 (s11), or v1_13_02 (s8). It can also be built with gcc v4_9_1 (e6), v4_9_2 (e7) [both use -std=C++1y], or v4_9_3 --std=c++14 (e9).

The initial tarfiles on SciSoft include e7:s15 builds. <<Update when Jenkins Builds are complete!!>>


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artdaq_core v1_04_20

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