artdaq_core Release Notes 1.04.10 (25-Feb-2015)


This release of artdaq_core was to make the fixes and enchancements described below available, and to provide a version of artdaq_core that builds against art 1.13.01 and cetbuildtools 4.07.03.

This version of artdaq_core can be built against art v1_13_01 (s7) or v1_12_05 (s6). It can also be built with gcc v4_9_1 (e6) or v4_9_2 (e7).

The initial release to SciSoft only contains the e7:s7 build of artdaq_core. For reference, e6: gcc v4_9_1, e7: gcc v4_9_2 (both use -std=C++1y), and s6: art v1_12_05, s7: art v1_13_01.


External Package Changes

artdaq_core v1_04_10

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • Issue #7805: Safer approach to reinterpret_cast (in Fragment.hh)

Known issues:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes