artdaq_core Release Notes 1.04.06 (16-Oct-2014)

This version of artdaq_core can be built against art v1_12_02, v1_11_03, or v1_10_00b. However, the standard distributions on SciSoft only include builds with art v1_12_02 and v1_11_03.

It can also be built with gcc v4_9_1 or v4_8_2. However, the distributions on SciSoft primarily include builds with gcc v4_9_1.

For reference, the e6 build qualifier indicates gcc v4_9_1, and e5 indicates gcc v4_8_2.

The s5 qualifier indicates art v1_12_02, s4 indicates art v1_11_03, and s3 indicates art v1_10_00b.

Valid combinations are e6:s5, e6:s4, e5:s5, e5:s4, and e5:s3. The default is e6:s5.

External Package Changes

artdaq_core v1_04_06

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes:

  • Changes were made to the QuickVec class and it declaration in the ROOT dictionary to get it to compile and work correctly on MacOS.
    • Part of Issue #7153: artdaq-core compile errors on Mavericks
  • A change was made to an sprintf call in TimeUtils to avoid a compiler error on MacOS.
    • Also part of Issue #7153: artdaq-core compile errors on Mavericks
  • Fix for Issue #7125: Backward compatility of PackageBuildInfo needed

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • none

Dependent Package Notes