artdaq_core Release Notes 1.04.00 (05-Sep-2014)

The v1_04_xx series of artdaq_core releases depend on art v1_11_03, and can optionally be built against art v1_10_00b.

The e5 qualifier indicates gcc v4_8_2, and e6 indicates gcc v4_9_1.

The s3 qualifier indicates art v1_10_00b, and s4 indicates art v1_11_03.

Valid combinations are e5:s3, e5:s4, and e6:s4. The default is e6:s4.

External Package Changes

  • none

artdaq_core v1_04_00

New features:

  • The Utilities classes (SimpleLookupPolicy and TimeUtils) were moved from the artdaq package into artdaq_core.
    • This was needed in order to split ds50daq into two packages (Issue #6192: Move the data format classes to a separate package so that darkart would not need to depend on ds50daq)
  • The artdaq::Fragment class was modified to internally use a new custom vector class.
    • This is part of Issue #4655: Possible performance enhancement to Fragment

Bug fixes:

  • none

Operational changes:

  • none

Known issues:

  • The change to artdaq::Fragment in this release is not backward compatible. (The reading of data written with the old artdaq::Fragment, using an std::vector, does not work.) This will be fixed in the next release of artdaq_core.
  • Developers that are updating experiment-based packages to this release and starting to use cetbuildtools v4_01_xx for the first time should take a look at the changes that are needed for the newer cetbuildtools that are listed here.

Dependent Package Notes