artdaq Release Notes Pages

This page serves as a brief guide to creating release notes for artdaq packages.

Release Notes Skeleton

h1. <package> Release Notes <version> (<date>)

h2. Introduction

Description of the release, including supported qualifiers and their meanings if they do not appear on AboutQualifiers.

h2. Reference

* Previous version's [[Release Notes|release notes]]
* Downloads:<package>/<version> 
             (or use pullProducts ${product_dir} [slf6,slf7,u14] <package>-<version> <qualifiers> [debug,prof]

h2. <package> version:"<version>" 

h3. New features:

* none

h3. Bug fixes and Improvements:

* none

h3. Operational changes:

* none

h2. Dependent Package Notes

* List any dependencies here

Release Notes procedure

  1. Create a Release Notes wiki page using skeleton above
  2. Run git checkout <version>;git diff -w <Previous version>
  3. Create a Release on the Roadmap tab, link to your Release Notes page. Release should be named "<package> <version>".
  4. Make sure that all "Resolved" issues for your package are reflected in the git diff. Add them to the appropriate section of the release notes, using the following syntax:
    • Support #15000: Audit all messages produced by artdaq during normal running
    • * Tracker #IssueNumber: IssueTitle
    • Use the same tracker as the Issue (it doesn't matter, but it should reduce confusion)
    • If done correctly, Redmine will link to the Issue from the Release Notes page. The title should summarize the issue and the issue body should explain what has changed.
  5. Create new issues for any remaining git diffs
  6. Make sure that all Issues listed on Release Notes page are assigned to the Release Version and are marked "Closed"
  7. Go to the Roadmap tab, find your release and mark it "Closed"