artdaq 3 details

Debugging notes

  • See The_artdaq-demo_Examples
  • General/overall: tonMg 0-63; toffM -nTraceLock 2-63; toffM -nSharedMemoryManager 23,24
  • DataLogger to art: toffMg 2-63; tonM 2-63 -nSharedMemoryEventReceiver

Configuration changes

daq.<app>.expected_events_per_bunch # Number of events expected per bunch (Almost always should be 1)
daq.<app>.expected_fragments_per_event # Number of fragments expected per event
daq.<app>.max_fragment_size_bytes # Maximum size of fragments to be stored in Shared Memory
daq.<app>.max_event_size_bytes # Maximum size of events
daq.<app>.buffer_count # Number of shared memory buffers
daq.<app>.routing_token_config # Routing token configuration for routing data from EventBuilders to DataLoggers/DataLoggers to Dispatchers
daq.<app>.overwrite_mode # True for Dispatchers, makes the shared memory able to overwrite old data instead of causing backpressure when full