Artdaq (experiment) installations

NOTE: this information flows from the demo installation and could be a starting point for any experiement.
However, you should check your experiment's wiki pages for specific instructions.

Top 3 key directory locations: DAQInterface, "logs," and run records.
Other key directory locations: work dirs, metrics, products, and, of course, data.

actual installation versus "view"

Recall, artdaq_demo has:
srcs and (currently)

setup for env for libraries and executables
setup for nodes, configuration
necessitates different boot.txt files: boot_vxxx.txt boot_apple.txt in DAQInterface dir



database - no need to expose mongodb data files - possibly have entry for filesystem db

NFS is convenient, but there can (easily) be performance issues.
Can mirror from shared(NFS) areas (e.g. rsync cron)

common account login possibilities:
  1. env is minimally effected - echo source blah for env setup; echo "go" (or similar) (which does env setup and starts readout) and set key env vars
  2. env is set, including key env var.

All of this should be achieved via a one line addition (to source some file) to .bashrc

echo info -- count the lines (one or two)
could be just one line: type "daqhelp" (or some such command), "go" to go.

Could use html2text so that the text is also available in a browser

Something (i.e. "************") should be used to separate the one (or two lines) of output from the NOTICE TO USERS.

(more) help could/should clear the screen