Project for the development of the artdaq data acquisition toolkit.

The toolkit currently provides functionality for data transfer, event building, event reconstruction and analysis (using the art analysis framework ), process management, system and process state behavior, control messaging, local message logging (status and error messages), DAQ process and art module configuration, and the writing of event data to disk in ROOT format.

This wiki is primarily useful for developers of the artdaq package itself (as opposed to developers who are assembling a DAQ using artdaq components). To learn how to combine artdaq components into a functioning DAQ system, take a look at the artdaq-demo wiki

For Users

Release Notes

Common Errors and their Meanings

artdaq Doxygen API Documentation

Migrating to artdaq v3_09_00

Migrating to artdaq v3_08_00

Building-block classes

BoardReader Overview

Data fragment generation

Data fragment formatting

Event processing (ART modules)

Online Monitoring

Usage notes

Example FHiCL file

Running artdaqDriver

Message Logging and TRACEing - Best practices

artdaq-demo wiki - The artdaq-demo Examples

Artdaq (experiment) installations

For developers <- this is a link

LXR code browser for artdaq

LXR code browser for art

routing manager communication flow

issues with shallow buffer switches

view metrics with jupyterlab

Copying artdaq-related UPS products to CVMFS

Performance studies

10 G switch - Mellanox v Cisco

artdaq bundle dependency diagrams

Diagram of how the aggregator processes fragments (artdaq v1.13.00)

Chants which allow you to run artdaq-demo installed under another user account

Improvements to monitoring

Thoughts on artdaq interfaces

Investigation of Memory Leak in NetMonInput

February 9, 2016 discussion notes (questions from Wes for ICARUS-artdaq)

Investigation of MPICH Async IO

November 2014 discussion notes (e.g. use of nodejs, integration with XDAQ)

Package splitting ideas

Proposed Fragment.hh

Build a non-OFED mvapich and use it

Computing Quotes Spreadsheet

test link to google slide

System configuration notes