Daqinterface for developers

Using direct mode for profiling with valgrind

  • Ensure that direct management is enabled: export DAQINTERFACE_PROCESS_MANAGEMENT_METHOD="direct"
  • In rc/control/, wherever you see a line with "valgrind" in it, uncomment it. Keep in mind that a line may have a continuation character "\"
  • Launch DAQInterface and proceed using it as normal

Disabling DAQInterface's automatic bookkeeping

Primarily useful if you wish to manually set a FHiCL variable that DAQInterface would normally override as part of bookkeeping. Before launching DAQInterface, set an environment variable called DAQINTERFACE_DISABLE_BOOKKEEPING to anything that's not "false", and DAQInterface will send the FHiCL documents from a config as-is to the artdaq processes.

An example of one technique you can use if you've disabled bookkeeping: create a subdirectory of $DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY with a name like "mediumsystem_with_routing_master_no_bookkeeping_needed" and copy the FHiCL documents from the run record of a run that used the configuration "mediumsystem_with_routing_master" into that subdirectory; provided you use the same boot file and known boardreaders list as in the run in question (which, of course, are also saved in the run record) then you'll exactly recreate the run-- unless you decide to alter a parameter or two for your study.