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John Freeman, 05/22/2018 01:16 PM

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h1. Changing the source of the configurations
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In the previous examples on this wiki, the FHiCL configuration used was found in DAQInterface's simple_test_config directory on the local filesystem. However, other options are available, they just require some edits to the user sourcefile. Open this file (user_sourcefile_example, if you've gone through the instructions on this wiki), and take a look at the line
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If you want to use another directory on the local filesystem which contains FHiCL configurations, point DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY to it. And if you want to use artdaq-database, do two things. First set DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY to "IGNORED". Then go to the bottom of the file, and replace the line 
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echo "Put code here which sets up the database environment"
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with whatever setup commands are needed to set up the database. For info on the artdaq database, you can take a look at its wiki,, or contact its creator, Gennadiy Lukhanin, at