Changing the source of the configurations

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In the previous examples on this wiki, the FHiCL configuration used was found in DAQInterface's simple_test_config directory on the local filesystem. However, other options are available, they just require some edits to the user sourcefile. Open this file (user_sourcefile_example, if you've gone through the instructions on this wiki), and take a look at the line


If you want to use another directory on the local filesystem which contains FHiCL configurations, point DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY to it. In particular, if you wish to make edits to the configurations found in simple_test_config, you'll want to make a copy of $ARTDAQ_DAQINTERFACE_DIR/simple_test_config, point DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY, and make your edits from the new location. And if you want to use artdaq-database, do two things. First set DAQINTERFACE_FHICL_DIRECTORY to "IGNORED". Then go to the bottom of the file, and replace the line
echo "Put code here which sets up the database environment" 

with whatever setup commands are needed to set up the database. For info on the artdaq database, you can take a look at its wiki,, or contact its creator, Gennadiy Lukhanin, at .